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Greenwood High School Band and Irish Guard
Annual Greenwood Invitational 9-23-17
The Tradition Marches On!
As a part of the MidState Amateur Radio Club’s (MARC) community involvement we support the Greenwood High School Band and Irish Guard when they host the Greenwood Invitational Band Competition.  The daylong event, and it is an event, involves high school bands that travel from different parts of the state for a marching band competition.  This can involve a single bus with a couple pickups and trailers of equipment for the smaller bands where the larger class A and class B bands can have a substantial presence. They can have a fleet of 8 full sized school buses for the students, 4 semi-tractors with 53ft trailers and six 30 foot straight trucks for the bands equipment.  We at MARC support them with MARC members volunteering to assist with traffic control and safety for students and guests. 
Some background on the Greenwood High School Band:  The students have accepted invitations and are a well-traveled band where they have marched in the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Hollywood Blvd, in Los Angles and performed in both the Fiesta Bowl parade and field show.  Here in Indiana they are a championship band, winning the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) Class B State Championship on several occasions.  They have competed in competitions hosted by the Bands Of America with Grand National Semi-Finalist in 2012.  See more about their program at:  http://ghsband.org/
Greenwood Invitational in pictures (Photos courtesy of Jack W8ISH)
 Jack points to the sign at the school's entrance
Bob ushers the buses
Brenda holds traffic for the bands to cross the area
Rusty giving directions
 Dave D. Directs the ambulance to where they are needed
 Wilson directs traffic in the parking area




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