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Special Event - Route 66 On The Air

This year marks the 18th year of this great radio event. Originally started by the Northern Arizona DX Association, it was a way to allow amateur radio operators a fun way to “Relive the Ride.” They also can relive their own memories of Route 66, and get to celebrate the highway’s rich history in making the U.S. what it is today.

Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club (CBARC) in San Bernardino, CA took over the event a couple years later and has grown into one of the best special amateur radio events each year.

Amateur radio clubs using special 1×1 callsigns operate from cities on or near the route from coast to coast. Hundreds of operators worldwide aim to contact as many radio operators as possible who would like to take part in this annual event.

More details on the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club website:  http://w6jbt.org/?page_id=15



Hurricane Watch Net to Activate for Hurricane Irma

[UPDATED: 2017-09-05 @ 1200 UTC] The Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) has announced plans to activate for the now-Category 4 Hurricane Irma on Tuesday, September 5, at 1800 UTC on 14.325 MHz. The net will remain in continuous operation until further notice, continuing on 20 meters for as long as propagation allows, then switching to 40 meters, 7.268 MHz. If propagation dictates, the HWN will operate on both 20 and 40 meters at the same time

More at:  http://www.arrl.org/news/view/hurricane-watch-net-to-activate-for-hurricane-irma



Tonight on Ham Talk Live #78 -- Changes at WWV

This week on Ham Talk Live!, WWV Chief Engineer Matt Deutch, N0RGT joins [them] to tell [them] about some of the latest changes happening at WWV! So if you have the time, listen in about the station that's all time... all the time! That's at 9 PM Eastern time on Thursday night August 24th at hamtalklive.com.

Details at:    http://www.eham.net/articles/39915



ARRL is now on Snapchat


ARRL is now on the Snapchat social media platform as ARRLHQ. Only used on mobile devices (iOS and Android), Snapchat is a way to share photos, videos, or a combination — called “snaps” — which can remain for viewing on your personal "story" for 24 hours.

Information on how to get started on Snapchat is on the their website, along with additional details. Once you sign up, make sure to follow ARRLHQ.


Amateur Radio Communication Resources to be Available during Eclipse Day


ARRL, the American Red Cross, and The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) will partner on Monday, August 21, to provide a nationwide communication link for local and regional American Red Cross units should a communications failure occur during the solar eclipse.

“Concern has been expressed by public safety, emergency management, and others that the large number of people — over 7.5 million nationwide — flowing into the relatively narrow path of totality may overload and disrupt the normal communication infrastructure in some local areas,” SATERN said in its August 17 newsletter.

See the full stroy at:  http://www.arrl.org/news/amateur-radio-communication-resources-to-be-available-during-eclipse-day




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