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AMATUER RADIO PARITY ACT – Rally ‘round the cause!

On September 12, The US House of Representatives passed the

"Amateur Radio Parity Act" to protect the rights of Radio Amateurs. Now is the time to contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to support this important legislation.

Read More Of The ARRL Story Here.

Amateur Radio Operators > Send your US Senator an email ask that they support HR 1301 – click here to connect to the rally congress website to send a letter to our Senators by email. Thank you for your support!

Family and friends > that want to support the effort PLEASE use these steps:

1: Go to the below websites of the US Senators for Indiana.

2: For the topic, choose “Homeland Security” (Appropriate since this is concerning support for disaster response efforts)

Senator Dan Coats - www.coats.senate.gov/contact/

Senator Joe Donnelly - www.donnelly.senate.gov/contact/email-joe

3: Copy and paste the prepared letter from here into the ‘comments or message’ box of the Senators website. It’s an edited version of the letter sent by the amateur operators using the rally congress link and is tailored for family and friends to show their backing of this bill. Submit your message and Thank You for your support!



Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes in the US House of Representatives!

“The bill is passed without objection.” With those words, Amateur Radio history was made on September 12, when the US House of Representatives approved the Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301 on a voice vote under a suspension of the rules. The focus of the campaign to enact the legislation into law now shifts to the US Senate. The House victory culminated many years of effort on ARRL’s part to gain legislation that would enable radio amateurs living in deed-restricted communities to erect antennas that support Amateur Radio communication. The legislation faces significant obstacles to passage in the US Senate, however.  via American Radio Relay League |http://ift.tt/2c7r4r1

National Preparedness Month Week Three:

Preparing Through Service 

FEMANPM2016 logo regional vFinal

September 11 – 17 is week three of National Preparedness Month. The theme for this week is “Preparing Through Service.”

Need ideas for how you can participate? There are several things you can do, including:

  • Make a plan with neighbors;
  • Plan a Whole Community event;
  • Volunteer for Citizen Corps or join a local Community Emergency Response Team; or
  • Learn more about the Youth Preparedness Council and join next year.

Also, @Citizen_Corps will host a Twitter chat on Friday, September 9 at 1 PM ET to highlight the importance of volunteering and community service. Join the conversation using #Prep2Serve.



ARRL Appoints Panel to Study License Requirements, Implements New UHF and Above Contest

ARRL Appoints Panel to Study License Requirements, Implements New UHF and Above Contest:

An ARRL Board of Directors-appointed ad hoc committee will study the current Technician license exam requirements and recommend possible changes, which may eventually find their way into an FCC petition for rule making. These could include consideration of a new entry-level license class. The panel's recommendations to the Board would be aimed at developing "a more targeted examination with a more limited set of privileges that would attract a new generation of amateurs."

Read the rest of the story from the ARRL Letter at:





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