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Hamvention® is important stuff that you have to plan ahead for.  Yes, it takes more than a few hours to get there, yes I know you're busy.... BUT .... Just think of it, hams from around the world can only dream about going to Dayton, and for us, it's practically in our back yard (almost). 

Even if you only go for one day - GO!!!! Even if you don't spend any money - GO!!!! Visit all the dealers, see what's new and what's coming out soon. GO!!!! check out the great ARRL display area and meet some of the ARRL HQ personnel. There are plenty of free forums. GO!!!! just to be there and walk around seeing all the ham gear and hams from around the world is worth the trip.

Who knows, you just may bump into a foreign ham that you made a DX contact with. The outdoor flea market is really something to see - jammed packed with just about everything you can imagine. This is one heck of a flea market. Chances are you will never see a larger one! Many bargains to be had, and don't hesitate to haggle the price a bit lower.

Take a camera and take pictures of everything and everybody!

So, check it out - Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th in May - the ONLY place to be is at the Hamvention®. 

(PCARS- 2018)

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Sunday Night Net:
Time: 7 pm  Local.
Repeater : WA9RDF
146.835 w/151.4 PL
(Backup Repeater
443.525 w/151.4 PL)

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Founded in 1984.  MARC is an ARRL Affiliated Club.


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