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New MARC Website Alexa Skill now in Beta

We have developed a new skill for Amazon's Alexa.  Using this skill, you can add the current MARC Blog roll to your daily flash breifing.  Just ask Alexa for your daily flash breifing, and you can have the latest MARC Blog entries read aloud to you with your daily news and weather updates.

If you are interested in beta testing this skill, please send an email to Andrew Murrey, N9AWM.  His email address can be found on the roster page.


Not your ordinary 'Hackers'

A group called “Hackaday” based out of Pasadena, California has numerous links and posts on their blog that cover everything from electrical engineering/experimentation to computer sciences projects.  And shows hope for being a great resource.  Their main page is at > https://hackaday.com  One of their latest posts is about Raspberry Pi tutorials.  There’s about 30 videos lasting 3 to 16 min.  They can be found at >  https://hackaday.com/2017/07/02/australian-raspberry-pi-tutorials/

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