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DX & Contests

When All Else Fails...Ham Radio Comes Through

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1: – A web site intended for amateur radio DX enthusiasts.  Their mission is to publish a website which can work as a real DX tool. They try to offer the most advanced webcluster and some DX tools.

2: Wikipedia Article – Amateur Radio Contesting

3: AC6V’s Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide

4: Andrew Roos ZS1AN – Amateur Radio Contesting FAQ

5: ARRL On The Air – Numerous resources for operating, tutorials, special event stations

6: ARRL Contest Calendar

7: Rick Tavan N6XI – Explaining to his friends what amateur radio contesting is

8: DX Country Atlas

9: DX News – On this site you will find information about DX Peditions and IOTA activations

10: DX Code of Conduct – What you can do to improve DX etiquette